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The iPad 2 : The competition

In my opinion, the competition for the iPad 2 is simply laughable (except maybe the HP Touch Pad, we’ll see). There are those who never seem to be shipping, and those who rushed a product to market and then went back to the drawing board.

One year ago, when the first iPad launched, people wondered what they could do with the iPad. I think Apple had actually no clue either. They understood somehow that they needed to make a tablet, and that it needed a dedicated OS (and not a clumsily retrofitted one, like Windows). They also knew the had to ship fast, while the competition was still busy with the iPhone. The iPad has been on the market for one year, lots of applications added utility to the device (Garage Band among others). Yet some iPad sceptics still fail to see the use to such a device. So if an iPad with thousands of apps is useless, how could a device with zero app be any better? Faster processor? An open OS?

I had a good laugh watching the introductory video for the galaxy tab : a pure kitsch jewel..


The iPad 2 screen : it’s bleeding!

Bad news all around! First, there’s this Fukushima mess.

Then Joshua Topolsky, editor in chief for Engadget, is leaving, and so is Nilay Patel (also editor at Engadget). This is the second departure at Engagdget since the recent announcement of AOL’s new strategy . It’s tempting to see a link here. So, are they rats fleeing a sinking ship ? Hard to tell for now, but it’s not very reassuring.

And worst of all, some brand new iPads seem to have a problem with backlight bleeding through the edges of the screen. My heart is bleeding…

Who is this guy ?

Michael Tchao

For Apple followers, the highlight of the iPad 2 event was surely Steve’s presence. Indeed, Apple’s guru being on medical leave, people were (justifiably) worried he wouldn’t show up, and that it would change some things at Apple. Apple fanboys loathe change. That’s why it’s so unnerving to see a new guy showing up in Apple’s promo video like he was always at Apple. Indeed, if like me you gobble up Apple’s marketing stuff, you are probably used to seeing the same familiar faces all the time (the usual suspects include Jonathan Ive and Phil Schiller). This unexpected change scares us. So who is this Michael Tchao ? He is one of the original developers of Appleā€™s Newton personal digital assistant. Somehow I get the feeling I should get used to him, but I still refuse it. We want McNeal, huh I mean Schiller!

Pondering purchase : The iPad 2

Am I buying a spanking new iPad 2 ? I don’t think so. Although I find the device cool (and might I say “lustworthy”), but I would have no use for it (unless it could make me happy?). In my opinion, the iPad is the ultimate couch (and toilet) computer. But it still is a luxury if you already own a notebook (in my case a Black MacBook) and an iPhone. So I suspect I’m not the main target of the device. I would say it is mainly targeted towards casual and less tech savvy users (and people who have money to burn). My parents for example might be much more likely to buy one. In conclusion, I’m pretty sure the device will sell like hotcakes. Mmmm, hotcakes…

Rumors & Predictions : The iPad 5

The iPad 2 is already a thing of the past, and the iPad 3 is apparently right around the corner. But it’s already boring. The iPad 4? More like iPad 3.1! What about the iPad 5? Now we’re talking. The iPad 5 is the real deal. The damn thing is so thin, it’s used by ninjas to cut heads, limbs and cakes. Angry bird feels so much better on that 2^10-cores A7 processor and superman’s-nano-retina display!

Rumors & Predictions : The iPad 3

Apple just announced its new iPad. Although the competition seems quite frankly impressed with the product, fanboys are somewhat disappointed. Indeed, now that we know almost everything, there’s nothing new or exciting to expect in the foreseeable future (except maybe unboxing porn). Of course there’s always that iPhone 5 announcement around summer, but that’s already boring (let’s face it, it has become very predictable). So rumormongers came up with a great idea to get pageviews in the meantime : “a September surprise”. Supposedly, Apple is slated to make a surprising announcement around september. Some conjectured it could be a smaller iPad (or bigger iPad touch), some even speculated that it might be the fabled iPad 3. My bet : it’s none of the above (I even doubt a september surprise even exists).