Long time no see

My god, it’s dusty up in here !

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit

Well, a lot has happened in 3 years (except on that blog that is). My iPhone died, then came back to life, then was stolen. Since I was broke(n hearted), I had to do the unthinkable and buy a cheap Android phone. Then, my beloved black 2006 MacBook died. I lived several months with my Android phone as my sole computer, until I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and bought a spanking new 13″ Retina MacBook Pro. Booting up that machine for the first time was like stepping 9 years into the future !

In the meantime, Apple products continued getting thinner (so thin in fact that parts of them protrude !). Apple made a smaller iPad (and is rumored to make a bigger one too), a bigger iPhone, yet another bigger iPhone and an even bigger one and a watch that is not called the iWatch. What a crazy world we live in !


That time I did not see Steve Jobs

So every one has his own incredible story about that time they ran into Steve Jobs doing some mundane stuff, and it was so inspiring because of this and that. Well, not to be outdone, I’ve decided to tell a story too. But since I never actually met his Steveness, I will tell you the story about that time I did not see Steve Jobs.

Where did the articulated arm go?It was back in 2004. I was already an avid fanboy at that time, but never had the chance to see a Stevenote in person. So I registered for the Apple Expo in Paris to see the Keynote. I was very excited, I had my badge for the conference, my camera and my giant “Steve #1” foam hand. But it turned out that because Steve Jobs was still recovering from surgery, he couldn’t make it. Instead I got to see crummy Phil Schiller introduce the iMac G5. Phil is not that bad a showman, but he’s no Steve Jobs. And to make matters worse, the iMac G5 was a somewhat lame design. This bastard child of an iPod and an iMac was impossibly thick, had an unsightly chin and was endorsed by the Black Eyed Peas. But above all, the greatest problem of the iMac G5 was that it replaced the (sunflower) iMac G4 whose adjustable arm I loved so much.

So I was a bit disappointed, but promised myself I would try again next year. Unfortunately, this was the last Apple Keynote in Paris ever, and the last time I did not see Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs dies

Remembering Steve Jobs.

A sad day for Apple fanboys (even sadder for his family I guess). Life (or death in that case) being ironic, this happened on the following day of an Apple event. Sort of like a kung fu movie where Sensei Steve, seeing that his apprentice Tim had mastered the ancient art of the keynote, could die peacefully. Either that, or Apple decided to wait before breaking the news (but I doubt that).

Farewell Steve. Thanks for the iMac, iPods (including the one I dropped in the toilets), the MacBook, iPhone and so many 30$ accessories. Have fun reinventing heaven.

Apple Store down, hopes up

As a friend of mine pointed it to me, the Apple online store seems down today. Any Apple fanboy knows what that entails. Indeed just before new products are launched, the Apple Store is down. Alas, the converse is not always true (most often the store is just down for technical reasons). This time, I don’t expect much since I don’t think it would be the right time for Apple to unveil anything important. But one can always dream.

Now you may wonder why the prospect of new Apple products gets a fanboy like me so excited. If Apple products are so great, then why would I want new stuff ? Well, Apple products are great all right, but future Apple products are even thinner. But the arrival of a new products in your home does not mean you don’t love the old stuff anymore, you just love it less. Do I really need more ? Of course I do! Moreover, when I feel it’s really too much, I give some obsolete junk to my mom.