My old black MacBook


It’s been ten years, and I still love the design of my old black MacBook. In many ways, all subsequent Apple laptops inherited the design language that this model started. From the chiclet-style keyboard, to the magnetic closing. But there’s one thing I loved about this model, that none of its descendants had : it was matte black.

Sure, the matte finish was prone to chipping with small bits of laptops missing. Sure, it was also a fingerprint magnet and the thing never looked clean from the moment my grubby hands touched it. But matte black !
613bFC-bCvL._SL1500_After disappearing for a while, matte black made a comeback with the iPhone 5. But once again, this was a durability fiasco as the phone was very susceptible to scuffing, exposing its natural aluminium color underneath.
Then matte black disappeared once again for some time, only to come back 3 years later with the iPhone 7. It now seems Apple has finally found a way to make aluminium that doesn’t bend, and a black anodization that doesn’t scratch too easily (it is still a huge fingerprint magnet though).


So, dear Apple, please make matte black laptops again ! That would look super rad.


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