Will the iPhone 7 suck? 

From the look of things, the iPhone 7 is looking pretty depressing : similar design as the iPhone 6 (save for some slight change to the much maligned antenna lines and camera bump), removal of the headphone jack (which might even be a step backwards in some regards), and a force touch home button. Sure, the phone will probably be waterproof, and that’s nice, but that’s hardly something you will benefit from on a daily basis. Not a very exciting prospect.

There’s still hope however that the plus model will bring an innovative dual lens system, that would bring a big improvement to the camera, but the regular (or should I say smaller?) model might not get it.

If all of that turns out to be true, there’s a very real possibility that the iPhone 7 will simply suck. Now don’t get me wrong, the iPhone 6S is a good phone. So the iPhone 7 cannot be that bad, if it’s similar. But it could be a huge disappointment, and more importantly it could end up being a worse phone than its predecessor. That would be terrible news because the iPhone isn’t supposed to be a good phone, it’s supposed to be the best phone.

Well, let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that. There are actually some features that I hope Apple will bring this time around :

  • Improved battery life : I’m betting that is one of the top requested features by many users. Since the phone isn’t getting any thinner, the battery is probably not going to shrink, and it’s likely the autonomy will get a boost from the updated silicon. And who knows, there may even be more room inside for a slightly bigger battery (who needs a headphone jack anyway?).
  • Acceptable storage : we all know 16 Go of storage is not enough for a high end phone. It’s time for Apple to ship its phones with a decent amount of memory.

Will this generation bring true tone display? Even with those features, the iPhone 7 would be a pretty boring update, and one that will probably stir a lot of controversy. Grab the popcorn.


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