Apple Store down, hopes up

As a friend of mine pointed it to me, the Apple online store seems down today. Any Apple fanboy knows what that entails. Indeed just before new products are launched, the Apple Store is down. Alas, the converse is not always true (most often the store is just down for technical reasons). This time, I don’t expect much since I don’t think it would be the right time for Apple to unveil anything important. But one can always dream.

Now you may wonder why the prospect of new Apple products gets a fanboy like me so excited. If Apple products are so great, then why would I want new stuff ? Well, Apple products are great all right, but future Apple products are even thinner. But the arrival of a new products in your home does not mean you don’t love the old stuff anymore, you just love it less. Do I really need more ? Of course I do! Moreover, when I feel it’s really too much, I give some obsolete junk to my mom.


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