The iPad 2 : The competition

In my opinion, the competition for the iPad 2 is simply laughable (except maybe the HP Touch Pad, we’ll see). There are those who never seem to be shipping, and those who rushed a product to market and then went back to the drawing board.

One year ago, when the first iPad launched, people wondered what they could do with the iPad. I think Apple had actually no clue either. They understood somehow that they needed to make a tablet, and that it needed a dedicated OS (and not a clumsily retrofitted one, like Windows). They also knew the had to ship fast, while the competition was still busy with the iPhone. The iPad has been on the market for one year, lots of applications added utility to the device (Garage Band among others). Yet some iPad sceptics still fail to see the use to such a device. So if an iPad with thousands of apps is useless, how could a device with zero app be any better? Faster processor? An open OS?

I had a good laugh watching the introductory video for the galaxy tab : a pure kitsch jewel..


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