Who is this guy ?

Michael Tchao

For Apple followers, the highlight of the iPad 2 event was surely Steve’s presence. Indeed, Apple’s guru being on medical leave, people were (justifiably) worried he wouldn’t show up, and that it would change some things at Apple. Apple fanboys loathe change. That’s why it’s so unnerving to see a new guy showing up in Apple’s promo video like he was always at Apple. Indeed, if like me you gobble up Apple’s marketing stuff, you are probably used to seeing the same familiar faces all the time (the usual suspects include Jonathan Ive and Phil Schiller). This unexpected change scares us. So who is this Michael Tchao ? He is one of the original developers of Apple’s Newton personal digital assistant. Somehow I get the feeling I should get used to him, but I still refuse it. We want McNeal, huh I mean Schiller!


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