Rumor & Predictions : The iPad 2 display

We Apple fanboys wait for Apple keynotes just like christmas.

Oh happy day, when Steve washed all my cash away!

Unfortunately, you don’t get to witness your beloved gadgets being turned into outdated junk every day. So in the meantime, we feed on rumors and predictions to pass the time. Right now, there’s an awful lot of rumors around the new iPad (with emphasis on the n). Perhaps the most discussed topic is the display.

We know for sure its physical size will be the same (Steve Jobs: 7-inch tablets are terrible). But the screen’s resolution remains unknown. Some predict (= speculate, or hope) that the next iPad will sport a higher resolution display (or “retina display” in marketese). If so, the resolution is bound to be four times that of the current gen (for upscaling reasons), which would amount to a whopping 2048 × 1536 pixels. Such a high resolution is unheard of in the industry and would represent a real breakthrough.

This rumor is fueled by a couple of high resolution pictures found in the iOS SDK (Evidence of iPad Retina Display?) and the usual people “familiar with the matter”. So basically, it’s just wishful thinking at this point. Not to mention the fact that it seems highly unlikely technically (Cold Water on the iPad 2 Retina Display Hype). So don’t get your hopes up if you want to avoid being disappointed.

So, will the next iPad sport a retina display? I don’t know, really. I’d bet that it won’t. But one thing is sure, we’ll find out soon enough (Apple Dedicates $3.9 Billion to Secure Display Supply, Exclusive: iPad 2 screen, fresh from China).


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